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An effective website has a DEFINITE PURPOSE:

____ To increase public awareness of your company’s name, brand, or identity
____ To strengthen your position in the marketplace
____ To develop a list of qualified prospects
____ To gain an increase in sales
____ To sell products directly taking credit card information over the Internet
____ To make product information available to customers
____ To make product information available to distributors

An effective website has RELEVANT CONTENT:

____ Mission Statement
____ Company Overview
____ What’s New
____ Products/Services
____ FAQ or Newsletter
____ Response Form
____ Privacy Statement
____ Links

An effective website is designed for BROWSER COMPATIBILITY:

____ Validated HTML code
____ Use of Web-safe colors
____ "ALT" Tags on all graphics for text-only browsers and the disabled
____ Graphics reduced & optimized
____ Design check in alternate browsers and versions
____ Design check in different resolutions (640x480, 800x600)

An effective website consists of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION:

____ "ALT" Tags on all graphics to aid indexing of site by robots
____ Page Title using Keywords
____ "Content" Meta Tags using Keywords
____ "Description" Meta Tags using Keywords
____ Keywords repeated throughout Text
____ Non-framed entry pages made for all pages with frames
____ Separate keywords and search engine registration for each page

An effective website has FUNCTIONAL DESIGN:

____ Easy to understand Navigation
____ All links working within site
____ All links outside the site
____ Text is easy to read against background
____ Obvious difference between plain text, unvisited link, and visited link
____ Content flows in natural manner from page to page
____ Graphics enhance but do not distract from message being conveyed
____ Contact Information on every page

An effective website is composed of PAGE ELEMENTS:

____ Background color or pattern
____ Page Title (showing in Web browser only)
____ Header (composed of logo graphic and/or company name)
____ Title
____ Bullets, Dividing Lines
____ Text (font, color, and size)
____ Images (graphics or scanned photos)
____ Response Forms (info request, estimate, salesman call, survey)
____ Company ID, including all contact information
____ Navigation
____ Copyright, trademark information

An effective website can contain EXTRAS:

____ Database management
____ Discussion or bulletin board
____ On-line class offering
____ Online Order Forms (need SSL-secure server and PGP e-mail encryption)
____ Animated Graphics (we can design)
____ Sound (midi files or streaming Real Audio)
____ Video

An effective website needs MARKETING:

____ Registration with the top 20 search engines
____ E-mail Signature file
____ Website address included in all of your advertising materials
____ Industry-wide reciprocal links
____ Participation in e-mail discussion groups
____ Creating an e-mail newsletter of your own
____ Becoming active in news groups
____ Purchasing Internet advertising or placement in the search engines

An effective website requires MAINTENANCE:

____ Links become broken
____ Address, price, or product changes may be needed
____ "Scheduled changes" such as a weekly tidbit or monthly newsletter
____ Checking search engine placement
____ Tracking visitor statistics to measure the effect of certain strategies

An effective website should have its own DOMAIN:

My domain name is already registered___________________________________
My domain name is hosted by _____________________________________________
The webmaster may be contacted at _____________________________________________

I need a domain name, I would like (1stchoice)_______________________
(2nd choice)___________________
(3rd choice)___________________

I would like my domain hosted by _____________________________________________
Their webmaster may be contacted at _____________________________________________

I would like suggestions for a domain hosting company _____________________________________________

Other Factors that should be considered in the design on your website:

____ Budget
____ Time
____ Security
____ Maintenance of site by yourself