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          Account Features                                                                             

      Third Party Support: 
      • Real Audio/Video 
      • VocalTec Internet Phone 
      • TrueSpeech Digital Audio 
      • VRML, Vream - Virtual Reality Authority Software 
      • Voxware, VivoActive 
      • Sizzler 
      • Fractal Image
      • FutureSplash 
      • Infinop's wavelet image compression 
      • Macromedia's Shockwave 
      • Midi

      Programming Languages:

      • Java jdk 1.1.5
      • Python 1.4 
      • TCL 7.6
      • C++
      • Perl5 

      Key Perl modules beside the standard ones.

      • mySQL Perl Module
      • DBI 1.06
      • LWP 5.36
      • HTML-parser 2.20
      • 2.49 
      • MIME-Base64 2.06
      • MD5 1.7 
      • Libnet 1.0605
      • URI 1.04
      • DBD 2.0091 (includes DBD::mysql and DBD::mSQL)
      • 1.18
      • MailTools-1.12
      • IO-stringy-1.203
      • php3 version 3.0.7 
    Real Audio/Video - $10/mo (optional)
    Referrer Logs - $4/mo (optional)
    Park Additional Domain -For a $35.00 one-time setup fee (for each additional domain) we can mirror your main web pages and mail system. We call this PARKING A DOMAIN. A PARKED domain will capture all hits/mail and forward them to the main domain. You can have as many domain names pointed to your web site hosting account as you require. There are two service options for multiple domain names:  Domain Parking and Redirected URL
    Extra POP (email) Account - $20/one-time setup
    Extra FTP/POP (Second Hand Domain)- $25/one-time setup (
    Third Level Domain - THIRD LEVEL DOMAINS are priced just like a virtual domain ( Third Level domains have the same features as above. It's not just a directory off a virtual domain. You CANNOT redirect a third level domain to a particular directory on a virtual domain. We treat it as a separate account with it's own web space ...separate from the virtual domain. (

The Miva Engine, which is included with every account, makes it simple to build sophisticated, dynamic data-driven web pages.

New Web Control Panel!
All accounts now come with our advanced PlusMail Control Panel! Start adding email redirects, mailing lists, autoresponders, and even edit your web site online with ease! 


FREE SETUP on all Standard Accounts!
Amount of Space-
Allowed Traffic
1 Month 3 Month 12 Month
25 Meg -1gig $24.95/month
50 Meg - 2gig $27.95/month
150Meg- 6gig $29.95/month
300Meg- 8gig $34.95/month
$34.95 monthly
300Meg- 8gig
E-commerce Account
Miva Merchant
StoreBuilder package, valued at $495. 
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Only $39.95/month + $35.00 one time setup 
(annual billing setup waived)
interNIC Fees still apply

Our standard account rates do not involve any hidden charges or notorious "startup" fees. Click here to activate your 300MB web site now for only $27.95** per month. and have a top-notch representative setup your site today!
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