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          Web Site Design                                                                               

A web site is a reflection of your company image to the consumer and it is very important to have a professionally designed web site. 

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Consumers do not buy from stores with messy floors and products scattered everywhere in a real world store - the same rules apply online. In fact, they apply even more so. When a client visits your web site, what they see is what they will perceive your company to be!

Your offline business has an identity that customers have come to appreciate. They know how you operate and you will want to continue this positive image online. Your web site should be a reflection of your offline marketing. It should be more than a simple advertisement. It should be a new store location of your firm and treated as such. Of course, the design needs to be professional and fast loading. Clear. Concise. Designed and encoded for better search engine ranking. But it also has to be functional for your back office. That is, you need to be able to operate your web site with minimal efforts - without having any technical knowledge. After all, you are busy enough with your daily business activities.

Every web site project is different and every business has different needs and wants. The question is how can your type of business utilize Internet technology to accomplish your goals without breaking the bank?

Our web site design process is designed to help keep you in control as we create your new web site. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations while keeping our prices affordable.  

The American Web Company offers custom web site design services to help your business get online without having to know all the technical aspects of site development. By establishing a web presence you are ensuring that your company is part of the future. Your current customers will be confident in your forward looking company - not to mention the customer support you can provide through your web site with FAQ lists and email question forms.

Your new web site must meet these requirements:

  • Professional, Eye Catching Fast Loading Graphics

  • Easy Navigation to all parts of the web site - from ALL pages of the web site.

  • Metatag Encoding and Internet Marketing with the major search engines

  • Powerful E-commerce Capabilities (optional) that are  easy to use!

  • In some circumstances (such as Auto sites, Realty Sites, etc.) you will need
    powerful and easily updateable listings content (cars, houses for sale, etc.)

  • Professional Secure Web Hosting and email accounts backed by technical
    support online and by toll free phone numbers.

  • Optional ability to accept credit cards and online checks.

We go beyond simply designing a site and placing it online. Your web site has to be useful and EASY-TO-USE and we go out of our way to ensure this for you! We believe that Internet Marketing and web site design should go hand in hand. How a web site is designed and maintained can make a difference in getting seen on the Internet. We are successful at getting web sites seen, visited, and revisited. If you already have a web site we also offer web site Redesign services to save you money and time.

Take a look at our portfolio for a sample of our work.

          What Can You Expect From Us?                                                   

You are assured of great service and excellent pricing. With The American Web Company you are assured of the following:

  • Graphics and Content
    that connect potential customers to your products and services.

  • Good Writing Content Editing and appropriate fast loading graphics
    that match your company identity. Clear. Concise. Eye Catching.

  • We believe in long term relationships with our clients.
    Web site maintenance will be needed from time to time to keep your web site current with your business needs. This keeps your web site from being perceived by visitors as unattended.  Our designs can allow you to maintain the site content yourself through easy browser based control systems. But sometimes you will need us to help. Communication between your business and The American Web Company is very important to us so that we can more effectively connect your potential customers to your products and services.

  • We focus on your identity to keep your marketing and advertising consistent.
    Having a Company Identity is a key factor in promoting your business effectively and we keep this concept a main focus of our web site design.  

  • Open Two Way Communication During The Web Site Design Process.
    We are promoting your business and you are kept in control at each step of the designing  process. Our designs MUST meet with your approval and we work hard to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services. This is our commitment to our clients.

  • We promote your web site so you can reach your on-line customer base.
    Creating a good looking web site is important and we spend a large amount of time on the look of your web site. However, we spend an equal amount of time promoting your web site to the major Internet search engines to ensure that you get seen. We believe that web design and marketing should go hand in hand in order to ensure the success of your web site.

To begin, fill out our Design Questionnaire.  If you would like a sample of our work visit our portfolio.